How can i get reading from a potentiometer on a computer?

a Potentiometer, like the one in the picture I want to be able to get the reading of that on the numbers from 0 to 255(or whatever) Maybe through the serial post,if there is an instructable for this show me if not then tell me how

Picture of How can i get reading from a potentiometer on a computer?
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dexhand8 years ago
ReCreate (author)  dexhand8 years ago
It uses a servo, expensive stuff...Won't work...
ReCreate (author)  dexhand8 years ago
I'm Looking at it, Thanks!
Derin8 years ago
Use a AVR or PIC with serial comms and connect the pot to the ADC input.
You might try looking through the projects on's How-To page:
I recall seeing some DIY control yoke / throttle projects that interfaced through the game port.
ReCreate (author)  Infinitevortex8 years ago
stuuf8 years ago
One way is to use a USB to I²C bridge and an I²C A-D converter. Or a USB GPIO board with analog inputs, but the I²C adapters tend to be cheaper, and are also easier to stack multiple sensors on a single USB interface.
frollard stuuf8 years ago
Stuff has it right - you need an analogue to digital converter - and it has to 'talk' serial so the computer can read it. An easy method would involve a dev kit like Arduino (open source, easy to learn). The arduino reads the pot, then sends the signal to the computer via serial over usb.
ReCreate (author)  frollard8 years ago
hmm yeah another thing is maybe through the joystick connector...ever looked inside a joystick?...yeah
stuuf ReCreate8 years ago
yeah, i just thought about the joystick/gameport too. I think the axis positions are just sent as analog voltages, so the interface to a pot would be really simple (or take an old joystick and wire your own pots to it). look in your attic for an old computer that still has a gameport and try it :P
frollard stuuf8 years ago
Great idea! I never knew gameport was pin-for-pin analogue.
ReCreate (author)  frollard8 years ago
yeah if you stick your screwdriver in between two pins the x or y will change to full 100%
ReCreate (author)  stuuf8 years ago computer has a gameport but if i disconnect even just one of the cables...the computer complains that there is a problem and stops viewing the x and y I would have to make a bunch of dummy connections to make it work also i only have one joystick...and i don't want to risk destroying it so i will probably buy another...or the cable itself