How can i make a R/C (Remote Control) ?

I am trying to make an remote control detonator for a cap. I need someone to help me out P L E A S E ??

rickharris5 years ago
RC + explosives = DANGER!

Too many things to go wrong - Use wires if you must play with explosives and don't believe everything you see in the movies.

Oh and prepare for a visit from homeland security when they find out your trying to make remote detonation devices (we call them IED's in the technical world).

Playing with things that go Bang often results in tears. be warned.
Doc Penguin (author)  rickharris5 years ago
well i am making one for caps
it will only effect 1-2 cm s radius
frollard5 years ago
get something that applies electricity over a distance. What are you building?

generally people avoid using RC because wireless can have false triggers and that could spoil your day.
Doc Penguin (author)  frollard3 years ago

i generally use caps from toy cap guns, they contain small amounts of black gun powder