How can i make a clap on, clap off light switch?

I would like to learn how to build a clap on, clap off light switch.Including all the steps to build it, help with the circuit, and diagram.

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I am reminded of my friend Greg's big playa idea when he moved into the college dorms: He connected his stereo up to a Clapper, and kept "make-out" music cued up at all times. The idea was that he'd bring a date back to his room, clap his hands, and the sexy music would kick right in, setting the mood. Smooove, no?
Unfortunately, the bed in his dorm room was really squeaky, and the Clapper outlet was right next to it. Every time he sat on the bed, SQUEAK-SQUEAK the stereo would come on. If he shifted his weight a little,SQUEAK-SQUEAK it would go off. If (for some reason) there was bouncing-type-activity going on, it would be ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON-OFF all through the night. Needless to say, the Clapper-powered love nest didn't last very long.

What Greg needed was a smarter switch. Something that would recognize a real pattern in order to activate itself, instead of just two loudish noises in succession. In short, what he needed was a very slight modification of this design:

Rig it to toggle a relay instead of drawing a bolt, and you've got a customizable "smart" clapper.
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Thank You, the story was funny, cool.
orksecurity7 years ago

(If that isn't exactly what you're looking for, you could try the same thing I did -- type "clap switch" in to the search box at the upper right of the Instructables page and see what it comes up with.)
lol i always forget to search on this site XD

looks promising though, but wont it notice any other sounds (like slamming doors) since its not  with a microprosessor that can "think"?

and what are the values of it?
All of the clap switches respond to any sound impulse. The way they screen out other sounds is to look for two impulses in quick succession -- which is why the TV ads show people clapping twice.
godofal7 years ago
a quick google gives this KIT

here is a commercial one.

if u google it up a bit more, im sure you can digg up some schematics, parts and codes (if needed)

i do think a commercial one would be alot cheaper, and easyer.
so unless u wanna learn from it, just buy one of those...