How can i make home made transparent crackle finish on my paintings ?

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Burf6 years ago
I inadvertently applied clear acrylic spray paint over clear enamel spray paint and it produced a rather profound crackle effect. Unfortunately, that wasn't a desirable result for the project I was working on.
Generally, clear acrylics and lacquers use a much more volatile thinner than does enamels and as a top coat they will soften the enamel causing the crackle effect.
I would suggest you try some practice pieces to see what produces the best result for you.
Apply the enamel first and then wait 10 to 15 minutes and then the acrylic. Vary the amount of time between applications and the thickness of the enamel base coat and keep track of the different procedures to determine which works best for your particular needs.
emoe1973. Burf1 year ago

i think youre bass ackwards there.

Acrylic paints and varnishes are mostly WATER based (apart from a few alcohol based semi acrylics) and therefore the thinners and reducers used are water based and not harsh or volatile.

However, Enamels use some pretty volatile thinners, MEK, Xylene, Meth spirit, TH25 mix, and the first two are highly volatile.

jackfaciale (author)  Burf5 years ago
thanks for helping i 'll go and try
poofrabbit5 years ago
There are some gel mediums that would get you the finish you are looking for and would dry clear. Are you wanting to do a crackle on acrylic or on oil paint. My suggestions would be different for the different paint type.
jackfaciale (author)  poofrabbit5 years ago
on acrylics... i saw "Art" medium but they come in so small pot. is int it posible with industrial ou bricolage stuff ?
MamaMunkee6 years ago
Paint the color u want underneath then after it dries put layer of Elmers glue! Thats right elmers!!! Lol! If u do it thin u get the tiny hairline crackle, do it heavy u get big crackle! Then put the color u want on top an work fast!! Note: I use primarly acrylic paint & also came across this by accident!
jackfaciale (author)  MamaMunkee5 years ago
i saw there are many kind of elmers glue which one do you use ? wood ? ceramic ? or is there a general glue like universal ?
we dont have elmers glue around here :D
thanks !
rickharris6 years ago
You can buy crackle finish varnish for that purpose goto your art shop.