How can i make my laser pointer brighter?

I bought a cheap laser pointer, you know the dollar ones you can get at the grocery store or where ever, and when i try to use it, its bright for a second but then it becomes barely visible from more than a foot away, since i don't know what I'm doing,  i wanted to know if i could fix it by using different batteries or if there's anything else I could do.

That happened to my laser pointer, I replaced the batteries and then it worked fine.
Could be batteries, could possibly be temperature.
rickharris7 years ago
Sometimes there is an adjustable control on the tiny printed circuit board the laser diode is attached to. HOWEVER adjust with care and at your own risk as going too far could easily blow the laser.
orksecurity7 years ago
If it's bright for that first moment, your problem is _probably_ the batteries. Try fresh ones -- check the instructions that came with it to see if they give any recommendations. What do you expect for a buck?