How can i make my room cooler looking with a small budget?

I am a male Freshman in High School and i want my room looking less childish. it is a small room (12'x 12') with an open closet 2' deep. I cant do much furniture but small details(lights, items etc.) are open. Please help.

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sound918 years ago
The first question to ask your self is "How much time will I actually spend in my room?" In the past four years of high school, I cannot think of one place that I have spent less time while I'm awake. Just put random things around that show who you are. My room is something that people rarely see, but I do have it personalized. My curtain rods contain spare audio and video cords along with excess wire. I have several pairs of speakers that are being worked on or in use. Also, my desk is my workbench. I keep my soldering iron there, etc. If you are into sports just put stuff around you use. Make the decorations useful.
airhunter119 (author)  sound918 years ago
I spend most of my time in my room on my computer, so i see my room all the time.
I do the same thing in my room, its either on my computer or watching TV, it is not tidy but just kind of random
Try this, this, or this Answer. I especially like Kiteman's suggestion of a giant printout, but that program seriously needs a new name.
Putzer8 years ago
AK-47 and some sort of large dog and/or meth lab