How can i make this shirt cuter?

It;s make out of a green bag- fabric. It's halter style (although i can change that) and has white words on the front. How can I make it cuter?

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lemonie5 years ago
Show us a picture please.

She's making a shirt from a green shopping bag.
Apparently "its halter style (although i can change that)"...
Yes I know, I just don't see green as a "cute"-colour (unless it's a "sexy-elf" outfit, but even then...)

canucksgirl5 years ago
That might be a tough one... I know the fabric on those things are pretty stiff, so you might want to wash it a few times to soften it up before you make a shirt, unless you want something with a lot of structure and fit. If you're into ruffles, you can easily take a narrow strip of fabric, and run a baste stitch through it and then pull so that you make a strip of ruffles. They can then be sewn to the edge of a hem, or cap sleeves or around the halter straps (if you intend to go with a halter style).

Do you have a pattern already that you want to use to make the shirt? (If you do, just make sure the fabric doesn't need to drape, because the bag will be too stiff for it). Also, if you can upload an image of the pattern (or a similar fit), it might make it easier to offer suggestions.
bongo girl! (author) 5 years ago
here is a pic