How can i make use of hard disk, battery and other components of a damaged i-pod? please suggest...

.Unknown.6 years ago
Take it apart, sell them off individually, then use the money to (help) buy a new iPod?
Vyger6 years ago
Here is a drive enclosure that fits the I pod drives.
pamfu09 (author)  Vyger6 years ago
thank you very i can use my i-pod drive again... :)
Vyger6 years ago
There are some external drive enclosures that are made to take the small size drives in an I pod. If the drive is still good you can format it to NTFS and use it as an external micro drive. I used a drive enclosure to repair I pods, removing the partitions, running a disk check and then putting it back in the I Pod to reload the software. They work great and are powered from the USB.