How can i soundproof "inexpensively"?

What is the cheapest way to soundproof a room

hedgesci6 years ago
get some egg cartons and tape foam in the egg holes. flip it over, cut off the lid and start taping them to the walls. it works very good. my ex used to play her stereo loud and i got the cops called on me. after i did that, no more worries.
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You might also try hanging bedsheets or old clothes that you bought at a secondhand store from various places on the ceiling. This probably wouldn't work well for bass sounds, though.
gcrdcn8 years ago
Just hang old carpeting to the walls,
pyper8 years ago
Depends on where the room is and what your trying to soundproof. "Eggbox" foam tiles arn't terribly expensive, I've got an old jaycar catalogue (2005) that lists them at £1.55 (about $2.50) for 2 x 1sq foot, although the shaped anechoic ones arn't that much more expensive, just spray them up with carpet adhesive. They will kill most non bass sounds dead. If your having trouble with bass being transmitted through the floors (i.e. from drums) then all I can really suggest on a budget is more carpets, you can get acoustic underlay but it isn't terribly cheap. There's nothing wrong with laying a carpet on a carpet. (well there is, just keep the room clean and dry) I've also seen some "studios" use a double set of doors. It wouldn't cost a great deal to buy a door frame in-a-box and mount it just inside the room, then hang another door on it, so the original door opens outwards, revealing another door that opens into the room. I could do that myself for about £35, but you'll have to see what local prices are like.