How can i take a camera out of a phone and make it wireless so it displays on a tv screen?

i have a phone that broke with a camera thats still working.
i want to make a system were i can put somthing on the camera so that it would send a signal to somthing else connected to my tv.
This camera is a two mega pixel camera.

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Re-design6 years ago
It's an almost impossible task. Some of the electronics for the camera are integrated into the phone electronics. The camera uses software to control it and you'd have to write code for that.
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.  And you didn't even get to the wireless part.
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kikkawav2 years ago

i too have a situation like this

frollard6 years ago
Someone made a droid app to do this.
lemonie6 years ago

The answer would amount to "with insurmountable difficulty & expense"

Kiteman6 years ago
You'd be better off shelling out for a wireless CCTV system.

(Random example on - no recommendation implied)
rickharris6 years ago
Lets face it - I you have to ask the question the chances of being able to do it are remote.