How can i train my dog to wake me up?

I have the horrible problem of not being able to be awoken by a normal alarm, and i was wondering if anyone had tips on how to train my dog to jump on me and lick my face when the alarm goes off? (my dog is the big husky, Sasha, but i like Ricardo, the puppy, as well)

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benthekahn8 years ago
I am no expert on dog training, but if your dogs are anything like mine they will do a lot for a little treat. I would suggest setting your alarm and when It goes off give your dog a treat while laying in bed. After a few weeks of this your dog should hear the alarm and go get into your bed and wake you to get his treat. I don't know if this will work, but it definitely could.


Brennn108 years ago
It seems like it will be tough for you to train your dog to lick your face; because you will be sleeping. You could possibly have a family member or friend show the dog to your face once your alarm goes off.
Hmm, licking faces, dogs..... My dog regularly cleans its ... ahem ... privates may not be that hygienic :D haha
Actually, Dogs' saliva does something that kills germs or something. Their mouths are cleaner than ours.
cornz xACIDITYx8 years ago
Quite correct..Thats why rotweillers lick their balls, to remove the taste of humans..
jongscx =SMART=8 years ago
Well, If my girlfriend counts as a family member, and if by showing the dog, you mean demonstrating... I don't think I'd mind waking up to my girlfriend licking my face... On second thought, that's just kinda weird...
cyc4015 (author)  jongscx8 years ago
jongscx cyc40158 years ago
yeah, I said the same thing...
nobody2478 years ago
I just put out my 2 soon as I usually get up, with in a week they wouldn't let me sleep in. Even when I can they wake me at 5 am. BTW mine aren't the smartest out there, so if they can I am sure most could.
I have a a friend who is deaf and uses a CI, and I'm good at training dogs, I was going to explain it here, but its super long, so I will write an Instructable. :)
jongscx8 years ago
Connect your vacuum cleaner to one of those lamp timers. When the vacuum turns on, most dogs freak and will start barking.... that should wake you.
=SMART=8 years ago
Awwwww Cute Dogs ! Here Is my dog : Maple
Aww, (he or she?) looks so cute.. That reminds me of my dog, bear... I don't have him anymore, he is happily living in Asheville. We did not take him to UK as we fear that he will lose his personality from plane travel.
Its a she :P Aww your dog is soo cute ! Hahaha he's smiling :D
Yeah, it is so great, he smiled for my camera! :-)
cyc4015 (author)  =SMART=8 years ago
Aaaw, cute! Kinda reminds me of our other dog, Gus. I am not going to post a picture though, because this will end up being the most adorable thread ever.
cyc4015 (author)  cyc40158 years ago
alright, you asked for it, time for some more dog pictures. the first one is worrywart, he lives with my older sister now, the second one is Ricardo, he's alot taller now, but still as cute, and that last one is Gus, who we think is the illegitimate father of Ricardo. the mother, Chalupa, is not as cute as them, and we don't have a picture on hand anyway.
100_3085.JPG100_2885.JPGpuppies 018.JPG
=SMART= cyc40158 years ago
Awwwwwww Their adorable !
I love the hat picture!
Haha, it was on a long car journey and she kept on resting her head on top of mine, i gave her the hat and she sat down and went to sleep with it on lol
1) move your bed into the dog's room, or move the dog's bed into your room. 2)when your alarm goes off, give your dog it's breakfast. -this way it will associate the alarm with food. 3) when you oversleep, your dog will get hungry and wake you up. 4)if it dosent work- modify your alarm clock. if your alarm clock has a mechanical armature that strikes a bell- rig it so it strikes the door or window. -as most dogs bark when someone knocks the door/window. if your alarm clock has a beeper- this is usually irritating enough to make your dog bark. if not- get one that's really loud and high pitched. renember to reward your dog when you are woken up.
Dogs get used to habit...ours gets mad if you sleep in just a bit too late. Maybe get into the habit of playing with them, taking them on walks, etc. when you wake up.
ozanozb8 years ago
1 - Starve him/her before you begin training 2 - Set the alarm clock but don't sleep 3 - Give him/her favorite treat (you should probably do that in your bed) 4 - Repeat the process 1-3 until your dog trained enough. 5 - This may sound selfish and rude but you mustn't over feed him, your dog must beg you for food and warn you when he is hungry. I have a cat and a dog. my cat was used to woke me up every morning because i picked him up from street and he always worried about food. But he seems to forget his old days now :) Also my dog lost his interest as his bowl is always full.
goodgnus8 years ago
Lovely Husky. I have two of my own. Awesome breed! As far as training to wake, one word, Pavlov. Google it.
Get an alarm clock. Set the alarm to lets say 7:00 A.M. The dog will wake up by the alarm. It will bark. You will wake up by the bark. Problem Solved.
lol or get a shocking collar for your dog and put an alarm in it
Or get a shock collar for yourself. So when your dog barks, you get shocked.
lol alarm -> dog dog-> back bark-> collar collar-> shock shock->wake up
cyc4015 (author)  GorillazMiko8 years ago
No, Sasha is a "foot of the bed" type of dog, and so far, the alarm does not make her bark.
Then eat lots of eggs ! Hahaha