How can lasers not in the infrared spectrum create heat?

If infrade light is the only kind that carries heat, then how can other wavelenghts burn stuff?

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Kiteman8 years ago
Infra-red is the colour of light radiated by hot objects, but it is just light.

All light carries (is!) energy, and if it is absorbed by an object, then that energy is transferred to the object.

That added energy raises the temperature of the object.
cinamun (author) 8 years ago
But if all light can carry/transfer heat, isn't true that infrared is the BEST at transferring heat? (which is why CO2 lasers are used for cutting in industry, etc.)
CO2 lasers are used for cutting mainly because it is easy to make a high powered CO2 laser.  Other lasers can be used for cutting also, you just need enough power to melt or vaporize whatever is being cut.  Diode lasers (still infrared but much shorter wavelength than CO2) are becoming more common for cutting these days because they can now be made with very high power and they are more reliable.
 nope uv would be because u can pack more energy into a beam of uv light than infra red of similar width. ir is the radiation that is emitted by flames of hot objects
Actually, I seem to remember that CO2 lasers (at least the simpler ones) put out UV.
all light carries heat. infrared light has the shortest wavelength and has less of a chance of passing through an object (unlike UV light), which means it dumps all of its energy into the object. all other light carries the same energy, but unless it is hitting a black surface and completely being absorbed, most of that energy is being reflected away as the light we see.
umm i might not kno a lot about lasers but i kno a lot about red and red light has longer wave lengths and blue has shorted so infared(below red) has even longer wavelengths and uv (above violet has shorter wavelengths than blue and violet and gamma has the shortest also ur answer isn't the best and is very misleading when light hits black surface it produces even more heat because it absorbes most of the light white or shiny surfaces don't get as hot as face and my last point light doesnt carry heat it carries energy that is turned into heat   
IR has the longest wavelength of what we normally call "light." It has the lowest frequency.
dbshortwave8 years ago
Thats a good question. If I'm thinking right lasers produce infrared no mater the color spectrum. Or depending at what the frequency the light is being driven at. Red 625 - 740nm Green 520 - 565nm Blue 435 - 500nm Depending on the diode. Violet 380 - 435nm with a UV meter I'm sure someone can analyze the colors and tell you exactly how much UV light each color laser can produce,
i just read that the different color laser diodes are infrared diodes bouncing of the corresponding material to produce the color yet theres more IR injected then there is visible light and this is how the beam can be focused to be able to burn
lemonie8 years ago
Infra red is a range of wavelengths emitted by hot objects, energy can be converted from one form to another (in general) as Kiteman says.

seandogue8 years ago
Because the supporting supposition is incorrect.