How can "my project" get featured?

I'm beginner of Instructable... I uploaded a project 2 weeks ago... This does not get "featured". I know that it is not awesome build... In this time, I have a question..... HOW CAN MY PROJECT GET FEATURED? I am preparing one project more.... I want to get featured... Please Let me know

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Raitis3 years ago

It seems to me that your 'ible should eventually get featured as is, but I took only a very quick look.

This 'ible encompasses most of the things you need to know about featured:

Or a condensed version of the above:

And then there's also The Clinic where you will fit right in with this question of yours:

iam_maker_leo (author)  Raitis3 years ago

Thank you very much

This is a what I want to know..

Sometimes they get overlooked, My Most popular instructable was not featured until I emailed jessyratfink and asked. it was missed

Who are you supposed to email about getting missed? I had a project where the cover photo got messed up so it didn't get featured. Thanks so much!


iam_maker_leo (author)  liquidhandwash3 years ago

That is a good information...

I will try it... like you

JM19993 years ago

You should check out these two topics:

Both those should help you a lot and I think you have a really nice 'ible!

iam_maker_leo (author)  JM19993 years ago

Thank you very much....

It is a right answer what I want to know...

That is totally fine, I'm glad I could help!

Second the Featuring checklist !