How can some autistic kids sing?

I know a kid at my school who has autism but he can sing. he doesn't have a high-functioning form like Asperger's (which some singers have) so how is he able to sing and what parts of the brain is he using? are there any articles I can check out many thanks sincerely nerd7473.

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Autistic brains are different from non-autistic brains but the spectrum of the disorder is very wide. While children who cannot speak are certainly on one end of that scale, the term 'high-functioning' is not exactly accurate for anyone.1

Many people who can't speak can sing - particularly those with damage to the left hemisphere (i.e. broca's aphasia) through the use of melodic intonation therapy (which works to facilitate communication - not through singing in the literal sense but through rhythmic pacing.)2

When someone sings, the parts of the brain utilized are; the bilateral primary somatosensory, right primary sensorimotor and bilateral dorsolateral prefrontal cortexes, the inferior parietal lobe, basal ganglia, thalamus and the cerebellum.3



Autistic children sing because they like the music.

They have the use of their brain they just don’t see us as real to them we are background noise like birds singing in the morning.

We know it is there we just ignore it.

He's using the same part of the brain any of use use to sing. Just because someone is Autistic doesn't mean they can't do incredible things. Please tell me you've seen or at least heard of Rain Man. That movie is based on a man by the name of Kim Peek. He had a remarkable ability to to remember everything and associate things with dates. You could tell him your birthday and he could tell you what day of the week you where born and tell you what day of the week your birthday would fall on in any given year. He had memorized over 12000 book.

Autistic people don't have broken brains and are not missing any part of there brains that prevent them form doing things. There brains are just wired differently. They have trouble relating to the outside world like you and i can. Everything is just so alien and strange to them that they have trouble making since of a lot of it. As such there are varying degrees of autism, some more functioning than others.

This video does a great job of explaining the world in the eyes of someone with Aspergers. But it can be extrapolated out to apply to those with higher forms of autism. Then you can see how the world can be so very scarey and confusing that many can't deal with it and stay bottled up.
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and by have it I mean Asperger's not autism
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I actually don't know what parts of the brain are used to sing at all I sing (a lot) and strangely enough I am familiar with Asperger's because I know people with Asperger's and autism I even have it but like you said it doesn't mean that people cant do great things. I actually did a paper at my school over autism and the types PDD, Rhett syndrome, Asperger's, and autism.
Then you should know Asperger's is a form of Autism. It's just a high functioning form of Autism. My wife's uncle has Asperger's and i've dealt with him a lot. He just has trouble dealing with people. He doesn't comprehend sarcastic remarks and has trouble dealing with things when plans change. Well it's not that he has trouble dealing it just really annoys him when things don't go as planned. Though he is very smart and very logical about things. Fortunately for him, his father taught him how to read facial expressions and body language to help him overcome some of his troubles understanding people. I also have a cousin who is very autistic though i've never met him.
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sorry for the replies my internet is slow
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yeah I know that it is a from of autism. So what parts of the brain do people use to sing?
No idea. Scientist are still trying to unravel the mysteries of the brain. But as with anything you do it's probably using multiple parts of the brain at once. If you are really interested in focusing on studying the brain i think this is a good place to start.
nerd7473 (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
yeah I know that it is a from of autism. So what parts of the brain do people use to sing?