How can some autistic kids sing?

I know a kid at my school who has autism but he can sing. he doesn't have a high-functioning form like Asperger's (which some singers have) so how is he able to sing and what parts of the brain is he using? are there any articles I can check out many thanks sincerely nerd7473.

Autistic brains are different from non-autistic brains but the spectrum of the disorder is very wide. While children who cannot speak are certainly on one end of that scale, the term 'high-functioning' is not exactly accurate for anyone.1

Many people who can't speak can sing - particularly those with damage to the left hemisphere (i.e. broca's aphasia) through the use of melodic intonation therapy (which works to facilitate communication - not through singing in the literal sense but through rhythmic pacing.)2

When someone sings, the parts of the brain utilized are; the bilateral primary somatosensory, right primary sensorimotor and bilateral dorsolateral prefrontal cortexes, the inferior parietal lobe, basal ganglia, thalamus and the cerebellum.3




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