How can you build a jeopardy type electronic game switch that locks other players out when a player answers a question?

I want to build a jeopardy style game switch. I am going to use it at a school for kids, but also for some team building for adults. I want the buttons to light up when the first player hits their "key" and lock out the other players. I want to be able to reset it from the master control as well.

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isonno4 years ago
Here's a link to an Arduino sketch for making a Jeopardy game:
You can do it with some simple logic circuits, like this one


It can be built easier than that without the IC's. I have one designed on my CAD program and I'ed love to share it with you but short of taking a picture of it I cannot figure out how to take it off the Cad as an attachment.
Dr.Bill Dr.Bill4 years ago
Here is the responder schematic...
Responder 1.png
isonno5 years ago
I made one for my son a while back. Details are posted here:

Meeker467 years ago
 Check out this Instructable I recently posted:

You could do this quite simply with a single (cheap) microcontroller, some LED's and buttons.

I'm not sure if you have much eperience with programming microcontrollers but you can basically program it so that it is constantly checking to see if any button is pressed, it it senses a press, it will light up the corresponding LED and will stop checking the other players buttons. The only button it will respond to at this time would be your master reset, which when pressed would clear all LED's and go back to the main program to check the buttons.