How can you divide an mp4 file into individual clips of mp4's?

I have an extremely long mp4 I need to use parts of for a project, but I don't know how to divide the clip into parts.

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I use the following method to divide an MP4 file into individual clips of MP4's

makeingcool11 months ago

If you want to split a big MP4 file into many separate MP4 video files, simply get the MP4 Splitter Mac or Windows,you may try use Avdshare Video Converter.

I just find a guide on how to split mp3, flac, wav, wma, ape etc from

The software in this guide is Avdshare Audio Converter. It helps to split all kinds of audio files.

Then I tried Avdshare Video Converter, and find it can split various video and audio files.

Hope it also helps for you.

i use a video splitter called idealshare videogo to split video into chapters which has both Windows and Mac version.

it can split video with or without re-encoding.

it can split all kinds of video files like MP4, MKV, MOV, WMV, VOB, FLV and etc

it even can split audio mp3, wav, m4a, aac, flac and etc.

but it only divide video into chapters if the original video is divided in chapters or cue based.


aelias366 years ago
Use Audacity, a free audio editor.
astroboy9076 years ago
I think the program Adapter can do this... if I am correct. if not.. sorry :)
canucksgirl6 years ago
An mp4 file can be "trimmed" and saved as a new file with video editing software. There are too many out there to mention (without knowing your OS), and there are just as many online resources that can do the same function. Here is a link that gives you a list of options that should help get the job done.