How can you find a member here if they have not posted anything at all?

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acidbass7 years ago
type this into your browser and wah la you have the memeber username of the member
Paste this into your browser:

Where xxxxx is the screen name of the member in question.
We just made like identical answers. I wonder which one he'll pick as best.
Mirime (author)  LoneWolf7 years ago
um she not he
LoneWolf Mirime7 years ago
Oh, whoops.
Mirime (author)  LoneWolf7 years ago
it's okay i get sir-ed a lot til they look down
LoneWolf Mirime7 years ago
I vote for you, 'cause you beat me by one minute, according to the timestamp.
Awesome :)

I always love it when people post questions like this, as long as you catch it early enough your almost garunteed best answer.
It's so funny that everyone is in the race for the "best anwer".

These questions are always the same and so easy to answer. there practicly just copy and paste :P

The score is

RavingMadStudios: 56 (these are probably not from this year alone)
LoneWolf: 0
MichelMoermans: 14 (these are all from this year)

I want a spot on top answerers for the december list :D
Who's racing? I just answer questions, and occasionally someone picks my answer as "best". When they start giving away Pro memberships or Robot T-shirts for Best Answers, then I'll worry about it. For now, I'm just having a good time trying to help people solve problems.
WWell I don't mean race race. It's just funny how everybody is going for the best answer title.

And ofcourse it's about helping the people solve their problems. I never answer anything I'm not sure about.

I do this because I enjoy helping people to and also for the happy feeling I get when I see a mail with best answer ^^
I know, I was just messin' with you. Honestly though, I didn't even know there was a list for Best Answerers.
Always hard to see if people are serious or not through the internet :p

But yeah I saw it in december when Fungus posted a topic with 2009 years top answerers (is that how you write it?) there were catogories for people with the most best answers that year and for people who had wrote the most answers that year. Suprisingly the top 50 was closed off by a guy who had written 11 I think so there is a very select group that seems to answer on questions.
Just found it, and it is interesting. I am not at all surprised that Lemonie led in both Best Answers and total Answers, and the rest of the list looks pretty much like I expected, too. Thanks for the tip!
Hmm.. I'll have to see if I can find that. Sounds interesting.
Haha, yeah it is :)

56, holy cow!
Mirime (author)  RavingMadStudios7 years ago
 yes! i found her!

bug "silverfox"

it is my sister and needs to have someone else annoy her besides me

have some fun

(evil laugh and echos out)
LoneWolf7 years ago
Got to the address bar of your browser and type: "[member's name]"

That's if you know the members name.
Wish I'd said that.

Haha, beat you to it!!!   (jk)