How can you get Play-Doh to harden?

My son made me a ring out of Play-Doh and I would like to know how I would go about hardening it so that I may wear it?

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xdxdxd5005 years ago
i dont know how to do it faster just not automaticly. put it in the window ledge its air drying clay
Bert998 years ago
Put it in your oven. Then, take it out. It's not that hard dude.
Well it's probably not ever going to be very wearable. Play Doh dries out, but it gets brittle and will soften again if it gets wet. I know it's harsh news but Play Doh wasn't intended to be used this way.

You can, however coat the creations with glue or varnish. They'll still become delicate... but at least they will last a while. You can then put them on display or wear them long enough for a picture or a few giggles.

Took me a while, but I found an adorable explanation of the process.
jtobako8 years ago
Dry it and then soak it in resin. Play-doh is air-drying clay, but not strong enough for a ring. The resin will help, but not a lot : (