How can you make a cheap but structurally sound tube maze for small rodents?

iPodGuy8 years ago
If you want a cheaper alternative to clear PVC, try those clear plastic tubes that are used to encase fluorescent lights. They are made to contain any glass if the light breaks. PVC or ABS fittings could most likely be used with them also if you need to make bends and stuff.
bobzjr iPodGuy5 years ago
Thank you for mentioning this idea. I have been searching for a more economical alternative to traditional clear plastic pipes. The traditional varieties can be very expensive. I'm wanting to use the pipe to make storage containers. Pill bottles just are not big enough anymore...
GuineaLover8 years ago
Well, a free way to do it would be to use toilet paper and paper towel cardboard rolls to make a maze; my mouse loves them. But if you're talkin' guinea pig size, ferret size, or rabbit size, I agree with the other answers.
What about using PVC pipes -- there are straight pipes and corners pipes etc and you can cut to fit your needs !!! you can find clear pvc pipe online just do a search !!! Hope this helps!!!