How can you make a go cart engine?

 It has to be environment friendly and work good with no hassling.

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Electric motor is the way to go, a 1/2hp ac motor as your engine,a strong deep cycle car battery all connected to a dc to ac converter.No need for a torque converter as 100% of  torque delivered immediately.More detailed instructions I can't provide.
P.S. I hear if you use a cars starter motor instead, crazy  nose bleed inducing
speeds can be achieved,but just like a solid fuel rocket there is only on/off.  
You can easily vary the speed of a starter motor.  IT's only a dc motor and most elect. vehicles are run on dc motors with speed controls.
Are starter motors rated for continuous duty?  I always thought they'd burn out after a short while if used for something like this.
THey might but a lot of diy'ers use them.  On something light like a motorcycle or gocart they are not loaded like they are starting a car.  I was really just trying to point out that dc motors work find for this use.
rickharris6 years ago
A car starter motor can be used BUT it is a series wound motor to deliver high torque along with drawing BIG currents. As they only get used for a short time this isn't an issue - normally - as a drag racer they work well in a go kart - for continuous running not so good. For this you need a car dynamo (not alternator) or buy from Ebay a purpose built electric motor.

In general at least 1/2 Hp (350 watts) this will give a reasonable top speed along with a fair battery usage. See my Instructable
warengadia7 years ago
i make a solar powered cart engine to environment friendly
orksecurity7 years ago
Why doesn't anyone ever build a stop cart?
Re-design7 years ago
If you decide to go electric, I suggest you spend the next few weeks boning up on the process.  Here is a page of great links on electric gokarts that I use occasionally.  You can get more just by googling "electric gokarts".

Spend some time there and figure out the best solution for you then start designing.  Don't buy or build anything until you've done the thinking/design process or you may have to backtrack or start over.

Good luck.
Kiteman7 years ago
Most go-carts use engines from lawnmowers or small motorbikes and scooters.

They, obviously, use petrol (gasoline), which is not so "green", but you could try running them on bio-ethanol or methane you have produced from decomposing sewage.

THere are several instrucables using electric motors on gokarts and motorcycles.