How can you make modded controllers undectectable to xbox live?

I was thinking of making some to sell but how do you make your modded controller undectable to xbox live? Also just a tip for everyone instead of making a button I was just going to connect it to the sync button like how my friend does it.

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kool1zero6 years ago
If you really wanyed to you could probably make a circuit that will hit a few times faster than normal. And not do the exact same speed every time. Like make one that hits between 5. And 8. Times a second. that way you could claim the variation is your humanness and that if you were banned you would have a realisticish number and enough variance it looks like a human did it
john henry8 years ago
break it in half cuz xbox is for noobs who cant afford better
countable8 years ago
He cheats because he sucks :)
UziMonkey8 years ago
You probably can't. Even if you modify only the switches themselves, for example to make a rapid fire button, they can still detect it. People can only press a button so fast, people pressing the same button over and over with the same delay in between are obviously using a modded controller. Don't cheat at games. Don't help other people cheat at games. It just ruins the game for everyone else. Make money doing something else.
seconded don't cheat, you can and WILL get banned
From your "About me" section on your profile, it sounds like you're speaking from first-hand experience about the banned thing. It reads "I'm Alex and i like to hack things! -mainly 360 controllers-".