How can you use an LED strip along with a sound sensor?

I have a sound sensor and an LED strip, i can get a single LED to light up with the sound sensor (whenever i snap my fingers or make noise) but when i hook up the LED strip in place of the single LED, it doesnt work. 

If i hook up the LED strip directly to my Arduino UNO to 5v and ground the strip works. The problem is that i need the LED strip to be hooked up to a digital pin on the Arduino instead of directly to the power for the sound sensor to work with it. 

I would really appreciate any help!

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madcow213 (author) 4 years ago
Thanks for the reply Steve!

Im planning on cutting up the strip later on to about 1 - 2 meters in total. and no i wasnt aware i needed software to make it work, i was hoping the remote control would be all i needed. could you point me in the right direction to where i can find the software you mentioned?
Tell me EXACTLY where you got what you got OR do a very good, hi res picture of one cell of the strip. See if you can read the chip number - the last strip I used used the WS062 series.
Those LED strips take an amp per metre to light up. Your batteries will last for a couple of minutes on a roll of strip !

You realise that that LED strip needs a load of software running on the Arduino to make it do ANYTHING don't you ?