Is there an equation to figure a set amount of PSI to a recognizable, or commonly used force measurement?

What is/is there an equation to figure the speed a projectile travels, based on the PSI or force applied? What would this force be? k/h | fps | m/h | m/min. | k/min.|

seandogue8 years ago
That's a large question.

I'm guessing you're talking about an air canon or similar?

I'd be inclined to visit the library and search for physics books and pneumatic and/or hydraulics handbooks.

Here's one link to an online hydraulics handbook

But you must realize that there's alot more to it than a simple conversion. One has to take into account the weight of the projectile, the aerodynamic properties of the projectile, the mechanical characteristics of the barrel, inherent losses in the pneumatic design, etc.

PSI is a recognized measure, and it means pounds per square foot.

Newtons is the metric measurment for force, and Pascals the metric for penumatic or hydraulics (the metric analog to PSI)
NachoMahma8 years ago
and the force, you can do some acceleration calcs (a =