How close are we to lightsaber tecnolagy?

I am not a starwars nerd or a geekus freekus (latin for nerd)!!! But im just intersested as i was watching mythbusters and they were doing Lasers etc.

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fwjs288 years ago
well the ability to cut and burn with lasers is available, but stopping a laser in midair is impossible (well in theory it is...this can be overcome by using a mirror) and they are power hungry so the battery pack would be huge...all in all the answer is no
austinw221 year ago

actually I think light saber technology is indeed possible you need the right components for the job but the heart of the light saber is the cristal finding somthing like that is not impossible but yet extremely hard to achieve maybe you are looking in the right place maybe not what you need is to do is not lose hope and not give up. Look I am only 14 and I belive light saber technology is possible and dont think I dont know what I am talking about just cause I am young trust me people underestamate me alot and yet somtimes they are right and yet sometimes I prove them rong if you give me a chance and if it is the will of God I will discover a way to unlock the secrets to light saber technology and I mean it my email is

Bigev8 years ago
Maybe your grandkid's grandkid's grandkid's grandkid's could cut their bread into toast with a lightsaber.... In short, no.
jduffy54 Bigev5 years ago
reference to the movie of "hitchhikers guide to the galaxy"?
bstroud16 years ago
i hate to burt every ones bubble but we are much clousr to lightsaber tech then you all think we are start wacthing the seince channel and youll see what i am talking about i say light sabers will be replaceing guns by 2018 if we make it that far that is if the 2012 thing is all a hoax and revenge of the sith was not the last movie there will be 7,8 ,9 but they are not going to be done by gorge his son is going to do the last 3 movies and epsoied 7 will be out in 2016
yes, fake. the physics simply dont add up.
bjob bstroud16 years ago
nope. if you got that from that shadow site. its false.
In my opinion, light sabers may not consist of using "Lasers" but using energy itself. It's already know that energy can do anything. Burn through just about anything. Lasers are energy. They are a focused beam of light with a very large energy output. Also known as Watts or mW. 1000 mW is one watt. Which will burn through paper, but lasers are a continuous beam and the farther it is the less effective. Energy although, can be in any shape or form. The use of magnets can shape energy, the use of vibrations can also do the same. You guys are thinking in the wrong direction, but a good start. They made it seem like it were lasers. We have already learned how to shape energy. Look at the sun, so much energy, but I'm not going to get into that. X-rays, laser pointers, lightbulbs, magnetism, pulse rays, plasma pulses, EMP...all that is energy. So yes, we have already achieved potential to create the devices to do what "Light Sabers" can do. Just, if we did make them, it would be wise to keep it under containment. That is why I said "potential to create". So the answer is, once again, yes, we are at the verge of light saber tech, we have the potential to create them. :) Hope that helps. another way, they can build or create something that destabilizes atoms around it, with that, it creates friction. Which is heat. They have already created a atom bomb, which disperses atoms. They can re-engineer an atom bomb or atom destabilizer. Which intern, becomes the atom sword, or Light Saber.
however, we cannot focus "energy" so precisely without using lasers. Nor can we just stop the "energy" in air like that. I say "energy" because we also cannot even create pure energy without antimatter. It may be possible to stop a laser a few feet out with magnets or mirrors. The other thing is that the beam is highly unfocused, about 1 to 1-1/4 inches wide, which would likely need at least a few hunded watts to have the power at the beam diameter. Next, they'd all be blind because if they touch something other than air, it would reflect so much light that everyone in the whole area would be blinded instantly, even if they close their eyes. Take a green saber for instance. 1W is ~50 times brighter than the sun head on. several hundred watts, say 200, would be 10000 timer the brightness of the sun. (not overall power output, but at a single point). That'd be far, far more than enough to vaporize your retnias. end result: lightsabers would be better to give to the enemy, then have them cut through a door so they blind themselves.
Data6436 years ago
I think we could be seeing lightsabers within a couple hundred years. I don't think that they will be like the "laser swords" most think of. I think it will be more of a "plasma torch" like this.
Appollo646 years ago
We sort of have the technology for lightsabers now.You make a blade out of a very heat resistant material, like the tiles they use on the space shuttles, and drill a bunch of holes in it. Then, you run a plasma through it. once plasma is heat up to about 10000 degrees, it will melt through just about anything. The main problem with these design is that the equipment to heat the plasma up this hot currently takes up an entire warehouse. Until we invent a pocket sized nuclear reactor, lightsabers will not be tools of the common man (or Jedis for that matter.)
kakarot12347 years ago
the ability to stop the blade for length is possible by using magnents but getting them to collide and stop eachother is nearly impossible; but using crystals as a power source isnt because in crystals there is very little gold and if we can hardwire the technology for the power source to run on the gold it would power the saber but would take decades to do :P
fwjs288 years ago
we are however somewhat close to TIE fighters...Twin Ion Engines do exist but are terribly slow and making them as nimble as in star wars would require hundres of thrusters to correct heading, drift, pitch, yoke,etc..
orksecurity8 years ago
Unless you're thinking about Light Sabers (as opposed to Heavy Sabers), which are rather old technology... (

Star Wars isn't science fiction. It's space fantasy. Nothing wrong with that -- the original films are still a lot of fun, and that's the definition of a good film -- but these are emphatically the wrong films about which to ask "could this ever be real".
XOIIO8 years ago
Like fwjs said it is impossible to stop a laser in mid-air, and lightsabers use a special crystal to make the laser and it's color, and such crystals do not exist, so making a lightsaber using the technology in the movies is absolutely impossible
My vote would be for a plasma that is magnetically confined to the surface of a tube-shaped grid that telescopes outward from the handle when activated.

I have trouble imagining, though, how this enormously powerful magnetic field could form a complete circuit in such a tight space. Perhaps our resident physicist can tell us whether some exotic metamaterial is theoretically capable of such tight magnetic focusing.

Other problems:
  • Artificial plasmas in real life are generally at much lower pressures than air.
  • Star Wars says the blade has no solid parts
The whole thing is off by a long long time, and it's far far away.