How come there is no SLA charger circuit on instructables?

Are there any simple SLA solar or  stepper Wind mill charger controllers here, can someone draw one?
I have auto relays and rectifiers and want to use a giant stepper and a 30-40w solar panel and poll the power and charge a 10amp SLA.. what is a simple circuit with cuts the charge with 14.5 and starts it with 11v ...
I have one but it's old and I can't identify the components..
can someone make this more understandable?

Re-design7 years ago
What about this one?

celalboz (author) 7 years ago
what i didn't know, SLA are not identical and varies from country to country, hmmm.
I will be buying one in Turkey so I need a flexible one.
looks like best option is to build a solar charge regulator which I just got the circuit for..
all other are just regular charge controllers will not stop charge or anything...
thanks everyone, comments are welcome..

kcls7 years ago
Because no one has posted one yet! Here is your opportunity!