How could I convert a physical book into an ebook?

I have some books that I would like to make into ebooks so that i can carry them around and read them more conveniently. I would prefer not to use a scanner, partly because mine is not very good and also because a few of my books are somewhat fragile and I do not want to damage the spines on them. I do have a very nice digital SLR camera if there is something I could do with that.
thanks for the help

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TaboFloyd2 years ago

You are a grotesque guy, why did you send a link haven't any reference to Help?


Could you please help me with the correct software name used in google for download ?? Im unable to find Book to PDF converter

dventura2 years ago
Many recent scanners include such functionality built-in as part of their software. This is one that has great reviews for doing exactly that. The software will let you scan page after page and then automatically pull it all together as an ebook.  Good luck!
Kiteman6 years ago
The simplest thing would be to photograph the pages and save the images together as a PDF.
rickharris6 years ago
Scan them and OCR (optical Character read) into a suitable format -

Caliber and stanza are 2 free software packages that will convert many e book formats for you.
Check out this ible, I think this is exactly what you need.
Stop me if you've already seen this one:

Dan Reetz, of has also written some instructables on this site, on the subject of building your own book scanner.
CameronSS6 years ago
Look around. First one on the list is pretty famous.
We did the ghetto version of JUST THAT the other day...
There's some great software available for free to deskew, rotate, desaturate, reorder, and ocr the books...