How could I fix this door-stop?

After a meeting at church in one of the side-rooms, my attention was drawn to the pathetic nature of this door stop.  People frequently come and go from the meeting (bathroom, etc.) and we want to keep the door cracked open a little, but the door stop is useless. it looks like somebody purposefully un-screwed the screw on the right to try to give the stop some more play, but it doesn't seemed to have helped at all.  the big solid door just wants to swing shut all of the time (hence the addition of that second wedge-shaped door stop that only helps a little).  Does anybody have any specific suggestions on how to fix this?  Maybe scuff the bottom of the rubber pad to help it grip more?  The floor looks like it's made of regularly waxed linoleum.

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The door stop may be inadequate for the size door its on. You may also want to adjust the hydraulic door closer so it's not trying to pull the door closed so hard. If you remove the cover plat, if any, you should find a set of screws for adjusting the tension of how fast it allows the door to open and close. Most of those door closers can be separated at the elbow so a door can be left open. They can usually be popped off with a nice tap from your hand.
Burf4 years ago
Personally, I'd just take a trip to Lowe's, Home Depot, or most any hardware store and buy a new one. It'll run somewhere between $5 and $10.
It looks as if the rubber boot has over time been worn down so that it doesn't grip. Depending on how old it is the rubber may have hardened and become slick as well. You could look for cane tips at any store that sells them and try to replace the rubber bottom. I think this would be the easiest thing to try. Hope this helps.
jim5150jvc (author)  RedneckEngineer4 years ago
great idea!!! I live in the southern california desert, so rubber drying out is something that happens often. I'll try that first