How could I make a Kort Nozzle for a 60mm prop?

I have some thrusters on my ROV that would benefit from a nozzle of some sort. I was thinking of using PVC pipe cut into lengths and then shaped to form the nozzle. I need it to attach to the housing of the thruster, but not impede water flow too much.

Picture of How could I make a Kort Nozzle for a 60mm prop?
gmxx8 years ago
I build rovs, and we use this flexible plastic stuff, riveted on to a ring of hdpe plastic. you could then use a coupld of strips of metal from the housing to the nozzle guard.

here is an ascii art drawing: the equal signs in the mddle are the bilge pump, and the thing next to it on the right is the prop. The 3 angled slash marks top and bottom are supports, and the dashes coming off the supports is the plastic, the |=| piece is an HDPE ring

/ /
\ \
gmxx gmxx8 years ago
dangit... instructables removed all my spacing. ill add a better image in a minute
gmxx gmxx8 years ago
Ok, image attached... it is a cutaway view... sorry for the crappy quality
lemonie8 years ago
You can channel these things, but if you want turbojets you really need different impellers. A simple ring around the blades would do it, but jets aren't the same thing. L