How could I make an exhaust flame kit.

One like this only a lot cheaper haha

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AdhamK11 year ago

hi can the sparkplug screw be welded before the muffler ( sparkplug-muffler-tip)

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bplubell6 years ago
Weld in nuts so gas and spark plugs screw in then when you go for inspction you can un screw un plug and pass. Have fun
bplubell6 years ago
First off do not splice in to any wire's start out with to spark plugs at the tips try to hide them near the top so cops can't see at a stop light. I recommend using coils from a scouter coil and plug cap's is one peace to prongs on each coil they work grat one is a ground one is a positive put a tougoule 60 amp no less up front run a positive wire to it then back to the scouter coil's you can split before each coil which I recommend or jump coil to coil you can ground them on frame from the outher prong on coil this is your spark! Then do not use gasoline use propane tap the exsost now this depends on if you true dule exsost or if you have one splitting in to too pipes if one in to 2 you could tap right before they split but just like with true dulls you will tap each pipe I recommend taping each one for the best flame's about 12" back from the plugs you half to remmeber that propane has about 5 to 8 psi behind it so it needs no time to build up and you want to use a flow restricter it all so aks as back flow pre venter a bit gos a long way try to yous one off a grill but camp grills work the best with propane when you flip the switch you will get flame's I would do this at hi RPM'S so the flame dose not just rolle out and burn the bumper this will give you a jet like tourch out of the pipe like fast and furious. If you get electric valve to start gas hit the gas for a few moment's to be Sher propane is in the pipe then rev and throw the plug switch when u let off the gas dropping RPM'S turns off the plug switch you can leave propane on for the next bust then rev throw plug switch again only doing under hi RPM. If you drive a tuner with one pipe same go's plug at tip tap propane 12" from plug you don't need electric switch to turn on and off propane you can turn it on and leav it on just shut it off when you shut off the car. It will last a long time think about your gas grill it has all that space for gas to run out and last a long time you will have to small taps. There it is use at your own risk. This will shoot a torch 5 to 7 feet depending on RPM'S and how much propane you are dumping do not do it at a stop light are you may burn a car or person I have this on my olds it's bad ass just don't stand behind it's just like a blow torch will burn any thing in range
starg8man7 years ago
If anyone is still following this thread there are a few good ways to accomplish this goal.
either checkout my tutorial with images, at
or read on below for the same info

The easiest of course is to find a kit, most are relatively cheep, and work fine, but for a do it yourself guy you can find cheaper ways to accomplish your fire spewing goals.

For one, you can remove the catalytic converter, so more flammable material makes it through your exhaust system, of course you may never pass smog again, but thats the price for fire. Then mount a few things under the dash, find yourself a cheep igniter coil, for around ten bucks, two spark plugs, a dash switch, any will do, but a switch that exhaust stay ON is the safer choice, and about 17 feet of red wire, and green wire. Now you'll want to run a wire from your battery to your switch to the new coil which can be mounted just about anywhere, then run a wire from the coil to your exhaust pipe. Drill two holes in the pipe near the end, one on either side, screw in the spark plugs then solder the wire to them, run the opposite color of wire to the top of the igniter coil, then use remaining wire to connect the remaining igniter coil terminal to your battery. When you flip your trigger switch it will fire the igniter coil and cause the spark plugs to arc, when the engine is running, preferably revving at high RPM, the exhaust and its flammable carbon and gasoline fumes are blown past the arcing spark plugs which do their job proficiently and ignite the fumes as the exit the pipe, thus creating bursts of brilliant flame lasting from 1 to ten seconds. For more continued flames you could create a propane fed trigger nozzle inside your exhaust pipe slightly up from the spark plugs, wire this system into the same switch as your spark plug so when you flip it, the spray valve opens, releasing a stream of highly combustible propane into your system, its own force plus the exhaust force would propel the propane past your spark plugs igniting it and firing long steady flames for as long as the propane is supplied.
Using this system is safe as long as not miss-used, and i am not responsible for any accidental injury or destruction of property.
cammel88 years ago
They are illegal in most places, so watch where you use them.but i do know the way i did it once and it worked but you need an older car for it to work unless you figure out a fuel delivery system. im sure it would work on motorcycles too if you just use the same principles.

Any way this works on carbed vehicles where you can choke the carb.

What you do is put a spark plug into the exhaust by drilling a hole in the pipe and threading the plug through it. Then you take a wire and splice it to one of your spark plugs and run it back to the spark plug you just installed. then just pull the choke and it will overload the engine with fuel. the excess goes into the exhaust, where your spark plug lights it.

Flames shoot about 6 to 10 feet depending on how much fuel you have overloaded into exhaust.

As far as without a carbed vehicle, My only suggestion would be to install a splice into the fuel line with a backflow preventer and a second fuel pump. put some kind of adjuster on it like a reohstat and an on of switch so you can control the speed of the pump and then hook output of the pump to the exhaust before the spark plug. I would suggest some kind of injector nozzle so you could "mist" the fuel as it went int o the exhaust fuel.

This way when the vehicle is running the exhaust fumes would carry the fuel injected from the second fuel pump to the spark plug, then it would be ignited by the spark plug.

Because the spark plug only works when the vehicle is running and the exhaust is what makes your fuel carry itself past the plug, the only problem with this would be if you attempted it as the vehicle was off. , it might expel fuel into the exhaust then when you start the car it would ignight a pool of fuel causeing a explosion. so you would want to hook the fuel pump on off switch to a fuse that only works when the car is on.

Ive never tried it like that but i see no reason why it wouldnt work.

Most of the stuff you could pick up from a junk yard or parts store. If you have a carbed vehicle, you could make a fire kit for like 5 bucks, but without the carbed vehicle the most expensive part would be the pump.

also if you do this make sure to give the vehicle ample time after you fire your exhaust, to air out all of the gas before shutting it off, or dont start it until the gas has time to eveaporate afterward, otherwise if you atart the car and the spark plug ignites a pool boom.

hope this helps you some.
sorry no offense to be given off but this wont work because if you splice any wires of your ignition it will make your engine foul out and will cause immense problems with your whole vehicle so please rethink this because it wont work
It works, I've done it on carbed vehicles in the past. Might not be the best way to do it but it works.  Secondly, if it did foul out the plug your car would still run on the other 7 cylinders.  So sorry but it does.