How could i go about making an odometer for my longboard?

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Zaphod Beeblebrox (author) 7 years ago
best answer goes to ravingmadstudios-there wasn't a button
Re-design8 years ago
Use a bike computer.  You'll need one that will allow you to enter a custom size wheel or you'll have to calculate the difference between one of their standard sizes and the wheel on your board then multiply the computer reading by your "custom" number.

Good luck.
Or build your own out of an Arduino, an Altoids tin and a (All together now!) magnetic reed switch! (Cue fanfare and angelic chorus.)

On second thought, just go with the bike computer. Shutting up now, sir. I'm gonna go eat more leftovers.
One guy out there comes up with a good solution and it becomes the "flavor of the month".  But if it work, it works. 

Most if not all of the bike computers work with a magnet and a reed switch.
Yeah, I know, I just think it's funny that I keep seeing all these questions on totally different topics where "reed switch" is a viable solution.
I mean, I know that "to the man who only has a hammer, every problem looks like a nail", but I have a whole toolshed at my disposal... Guess it's just the zeitgeist.
"To the man who has only a nail, every tool looks like a hammer."
My best suggestion would be to get a measuring wheel, and take the wheel part and the handle off, attach the foot counting device to the wheel and mount it on the side of the board. Hope it helps!