How could keep my shoes dry when riding my bicycle and it's raining ?

I commute everyday by bicycle and I can't keep my shoes dry when it's raining, I don't have any fenders on my bike though.

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bikerusl7 years ago
Long fenders are the best! Most of the grit that wears down your drivetrain is brought up by that front wheel! If you have a fender that is very long (2-3 inches to ground so the tangent of the front wheel cannot touch your front chainring)

I would suggest Planet Bike fenders or any similar plastic that are good and long. Then extend it until it is so close to the ground. Use pop rivets to attach them together.

Ah, I should do an instructable myself on this topic. One day when I have time. It really is too bad that in North America we view bikes as 'for leisure only' aka only a toy so we think basic practical things like fenders are not requisite. It is ironic because all those features of pant protectors and fenders make the bike more leisurely to use - you don't have to dress up to ride or otherwise fuss. Yes it can add weight and cost but it doesn't have to add very much of either.
Step 1:  Obtain extra pair of sandals ("Teva" style with velcro work best.)

Step 2:  Put on your socks then slip grocery bag over your socks/ankles.  Tie handles around your ankle.

Step 3:  Pack your dry shoes and put your sandals on over your bags.   Ride to destination.

Step 4:  Remove your sandals and bags.  Turn the bags inside out (wet side in) and store your wet sandals until the ride home.  Put your shoes on over your dry socks.

Fenders make a massive improvement to the cycling experience in rain. They need to be full length, though.

I have experimented with Goretex overshoes, but they cost a fortune and were rubbish. Bags would work, but might be slippery if you dab in mud.

Really, the best solution is a spare pair of shoes and socks in your bag. Every other part of you dries out.
archer12328 years ago
have an old pair of shoes for the bike and keep your work shoes at work along with a fresh pair of socks. works for me. plus its really nice feeling changing from wet socks to nice dry warm ones after a good ride!
rowerwet8 years ago
bread bags over your shoes would work, simplest would be a second set of shoes in a bag on your bike, do the mt. bike tire fenders to keep the rest of you dryer.
Carradice in the UK makes rain spats for bicyclists which cover the shoe and leg over the knee. They are meant to be worn with a rain cape. They don't look all that hard to sew up yourself. The problem I had with my first pair is that they fell down from the knee, as the strap is more ample for my leg. Carradice seems to have addressed this by using heavier, stiff cloth on my subsequent pair. But if you can sew some and figure a strap that cinches down better than theirs -- perhaps some kind of elastic? -- then put it up here.
rondos8 years ago
put your shoes in your pack or bag and ride barefoot. seems so simple!
Bardouv8 years ago
Try searching for some galoshes. They are waterproof over-boots. Army surplus stores will probably have them.
electrolite8 years ago
ride the bus
n0y0x8 years ago
I got full cover fenders with mud flaps. They keep the water low enough so it does not get onto my shoes.
jeff-o8 years ago
If it's warm enough, wear sandals (or clipless sandals, if you're using clipless pedals). That way your feet will get wet, but it won't matter. Just bring your (dry) shoes and socks with you.
fwjs288 years ago
i would recommend making your shoes waterproof...i think there is a spray that you well, spray...and it waterproofs your shoes...don't know how well/long it'll hold but its a start...
la-main fwjs288 years ago
dont do that realy youre feet wont be able to breathe and they will stink after
fwjs28 la-main8 years ago
never thought of that...
grundisimo8 years ago
they make these rubber shoe cover things. i fail at explaining just look at the picture
lemonie8 years ago
You could wear waterproof footwear and carry your work-shoes separately in a waterproof pannier. You could wrap them in plastic bags, or make some waterproof over-shoes? L
XOIIO8 years ago
Wrap your feel in plastic bags! Or use rubber boots on the way there, and then put shoes on later. Hope I helped!