How could somebody build a real weapons-grade laser cannon?

A weapons-grade laser cannon, preferably w/ a man-portable power pack/source and a means of aiming over long ranges.

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if you can get your hands on a source of a mini explosive flux compression generators they could work for powering a huge nasty pulse laser. or a railgun. or a coilgun. or a fusion warhead if it was big enough. only problem is you only get one shot per generator. one huge, devastating shot.
Like this?
bowmaster7 years ago
Get a Fresnel lens, then mount as many of these: on one side, and then figure out how to make them into a single beam.
It's actually pretty easy conceptually. But it can be expensive in practice.

First you have to define what you consider "weapons grade". I would expect that 100 watts or so would be decent. A kilowatt, definitely, but it may be too bulky.

DVD laser diodes that can generate 250mW are relatively common and can be had cheaply.  To add up to 100 Watts you would need  400 of them. But how do you get the lasers to "add?" simple. The diodes emit coherent but unfocused laser energy. Each diode should have a fiber optic interface using a relatively large diameter fiber optic of some kind (glass, plastic, etc)All of these flexible fibers get bundled together into a single light pipe which feeds the hand-held pointing device. At that hand-held device you focus the beam using a simple lens so that it projects to a small dot.

The power source needs to be able to provide the power required to run the lasers. Lets assume laser didoes are 25% efficient. That would make each take exactly 1 watt of power to run. Which gives us 400 watts of power required.This kind of power is very easy to carry on ones back. A simple lawnmower battery, a 400 watt inverter, and a 400 watt PC power supply would do the trick.

ANDY!8 years ago
Im no pro but howabout a murcury arc bulb and a ruby rod? what are you gonna do with it, take over the world? ;)
Yellow-Eyed Freak (author)  ANDY!8 years ago
... Maybe.
Unless of course you have a backpack sized fusion reactor and a special suit that allows you to carry the necessary support systems that allow you to aim accurately and carry the thing around. Power source and support systems concept established! Problem: Need small laser. Solution: Maybe a pulse laser? kinda like the suit's carrying some high power capacitors that charge and fire at the same time that allows a high power burst of energy from the laser. Just one pulse that has enough energy to set one of the offices of the Pentagon on fire 5 km away. Hope someone here in instructables is actually a high ranking personel of a group researching on mobile laser systems.
btw, unless you have a backpack sized fusion reactor, this tech won't work at all.
Its not currently possible. The USAF laser cannon HAS to use extremely nasty chemicals to get the energies they need - and the services of Boeing to make it happen.
You sir, are a dreamkiller.
Unfortunately, in this case it's reality that's the dreamkiller. The simple answer is "If you figure out how to do it, tell the government immediately -- because if you don't, they will make you regret that decision for the rest of your life."
Yellow-Eyed Freak (author) 8 years ago
Well, the only real problem is the power source.
ANDY!8 years ago
You could get lots of little lasers and point them at one spot.