How did I get so many views on my instructable?

How did I get so many views on my instructable? I mean I like it and I'd probably look at it but it has really gotten a lot of views. It's featured, is that what did it? Also how does something get featured? Who decides who gets featured? Once it's featured does it stay featured?

kelseymh8 years ago
1) It's a contest entry. People who vote in contests general (one hopes :-) look at the I'bles to decide whether to vote for them or not.

2) It's featured. That means it shows up on I'bles main page, and also gets picked up by various auto-harvesting blogs.

3) The members of the Feature Team can set the Feature Flag on an Ible.

4) The flag is forever. It can be turned off by any member of the FT, but they generally trust each other's judgement.
If you look at the stats, and check the referers, you will also see that an awful lot of other websites have linked back to your project. This is probably because "boredom" or "bored" is a very common search string (look at all the versions of google in the list)..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Looks like whoever featured this has a lot to answer for ;-)
threadbare (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Oh my gads! That's crazy! I'm worried now about ever putting up another insturctabe. Maybe my next one won't do as well and it will sort of be like coming down from a great high. Not that I will let that stop me, but still.... How do I check the stats on my insturctable?
It's to the right of the page, tab at the top of the same box that has the stars in.