How difficult is it to replace the seals on a pump action BB rifle about 20 yrs old ?

My gram-pa gave it to me at 15 and worked great! Now the air doesn't compress or hold when pumped, grrr. It's a Daisy I think.

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iceng2 months ago

I would bet on an "O" ring assembly, here is a repair group

But it may be easier to buy a new one instead..

seandogue iceng2 months ago

I think it has some sentimental value to the OP (or I'd presume it does)

iceng seandogue2 months ago

Sure she could have sentimental feelings, my only BB rifle a spring action with a sad memory of some lady calling the cops about a kid with a rifle going into a city forrest preserve and not really getting into any trouble but still had to get a parent to talk at the cop at the station.. Where can a 10 year old play in Cicero IL..

Downunder35m2 months ago

I had several old and new air rifles before customs decided I am not allowed to take them with me down here.
With old Daisy models of your age there is a 50-50 chance that no medern seals are used at all.
On mine all vital seals were made from leather.
Having said that you might see where I am going here ;)
You need the right tools to take the rifle apart, so some screwdrivers and the punches for the round pins holing vital parts together.
Be careful with any assembly coatining a spring!
Pump actions don't use the big and powerful one you find on lever action models but they still do damage if you just pop the housing open!
Best to make a vice like system from wood to hold all in place while you remove the pins - then slowly open the vice to release the spring tension.
Once all is apart and with some meaningful pictures taken along the way to guide you it is time to clean it all with alcohol and then fresh oil.

If you do have leather seals come back with pics and I might be able to give more help on how to make new ones.
If you do have plastic seals it is best to order a repair kit from a gunsmith - they were around 30 bucks when I last got one.
Rubber rings can often be done for cheap with a ring set for 5 bucks from the hardware store.

rickharris2 months ago

You may get some results by lubricating the air cylinder. if the gun hasn't been used for a long time.

Otherwise your going to need some new O rings or whatever sealing system they use.


JulieS257 (author)  rickharris2 months ago

Thank you, believe tried to lubricate cylinder but didn't last for the bb to go :( O rings sound like the answer.

seandogue2 months ago

I'd suggest that you contact the manufacturer.