How difficult is it to replace the seals on a pump action BB rifle about 20 yrs old ?

My gram-pa gave it to me at 15 and worked great! Now the air doesn't compress or hold when pumped, grrr. It's a Daisy I think.

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iceng14 days ago

I would bet on an "O" ring assembly, here is a repair group

But it may be easier to buy a new one instead..

seandogue iceng12 days ago

I think it has some sentimental value to the OP (or I'd presume it does)

iceng seandogue12 days ago

Sure she could have sentimental feelings, my only BB rifle a spring action with a sad memory of some lady calling the cops about a kid with a rifle going into a city forrest preserve and not really getting into any trouble but still had to get a parent to talk at the cop at the station.. Where can a 10 year old play in Cicero IL..

rickharris14 days ago

You may get some results by lubricating the air cylinder. if the gun hasn't been used for a long time.

Otherwise your going to need some new O rings or whatever sealing system they use.


seandogue14 days ago

I'd suggest that you contact the manufacturer.