How do I Amplify a Battery Alarm Clock Buzzer?

My little battery Casio alarm clock barely wakes me up. Can anybody tell me what I need to do in order to amplify the alarm, or which circuitry to add? Thanks so much!

Bardouv8 years ago
If there is place for headphones (for listening to CD's or radio) then you should be able to plug up some speakers and totally blast yourself out of bed each morning.
countable8 years ago
Simple idea: Put it behind a megaphone.
pyroten8 years ago
Hmm, a picture would help if possible but i'll go on what i think then :)
If i'm right, it should be relatively simple. You could just pull apart your alarm clock, and find the two wire which lead to the alarm. Then go buy a err 'bigger' alarm with the same voltage rating and hook it up instead. If you want to use another speaker with a higher voltage rating, you'll need to multiply the output voltage coming out of your alarm clock. I'm not sure how to do that in DC but i'm sure there'll be a way. Search around this site, it helps. Umm, another option is to just put a megaphone next to it and turn it on. But that's probably not that convenient and i'm not sure how efficient that'll be. If you really want to be woken up, i suppose you could take the two leads going to the alarm and re route them to a mains transformer (eg. 240V to 12V) and wire it in backwards. So the Primary coil becomes the secondary and visa versa. So you connect the two wire from the alarm to the 12v side, and attach some long leads to the output (240v side) And if your alarm clock did run off 9volts, you could get a nice 2000v output. Then attach these leads to strips of velcro, and attach them to your err, feet or fingers. So when the alarm sounds, you'll be shocked awake : D Fantastic way to start the morning aye? Actually, I might make an i'ble out of it.

Anyway, hope that helps a bit. :)