How do I Make My Character Look Older?

I have a character that I use for everything named Dark Surge, and a part of his backstory is that he's 35 developmentally (literally, he's 40,000,001), but he looks like an adolescent.  I'm not sure how I can make him older.  Any tips?  Thank you!

(These are his two side views; I am animating him, and so the two views are used as separate characters for simplicity.)

Picture of How do I Make My Character Look Older?
mole110 months ago

I agree with Burf and Kiteman. You could also square his jaw and give him more muscle.

StarscreamClone (author)  mole110 months ago

His lack of muscle mass kind of draws from his back story; he's meant to be the reclusive, lowly medic (who actually turns out to be the most dangerous thing in the Universe). Have you ever seen the G1 Transformers?

Just now googled it. I've changed the cheekbone and speaking chin. Bones become more pronounced with age.

StarscreamClone (author)  mole110 months ago

See, with that rendering, he seems like he's in his 40's. Thank you, though; I think I have the desired effect now for my purposes.

Kiteman10 months ago

Shorten the hair, add crow's feet and creases around the corners of the mouth.

StarscreamClone (author)  Kiteman10 months ago

If needed, I'll add the creases, but how does this look?

surge take 2.png

Try waaay shorter (think: military stubble), and I think you're still going to need the creases.

StarscreamClone (author)  Kiteman10 months ago

Alright... let's see if I can pull it off.

StarscreamClone (author)  Kiteman10 months ago

Thanks again, you're always a help.

Vyger10 months ago

gravity starts to take over and everything starts to point to the center of the earth. Not many older people have ram rod straight backs.

StarscreamClone (author)  Vyger10 months ago

Again, it's a part of his storyline (I'm sorry, I probably should have put this in the main post); in his human form, he's over 50% robotic, and I would imagine that would help with spinal alignment and curvature.

Burf10 months ago

A smattering of gray in the hair, a small beard and/or moustache and a collared shirt would help.

StarscreamClone (author)  Burf10 months ago

Thank you for the ideas.

thematthatter10 months ago

his hair for one thing. Not to many 35 year olds have a kid n play hair style.

StarscreamClone (author)  thematthatter10 months ago

Yeah, er, I can't believe that didn't occur to me...