How do I add steps?

I am working on my first instructable, and I am having a difficult time finding how to add a next step.  I have the title and first page with a photo saved, but I do not see any option for "next step" or "add a step".

any help?

frollard1 year ago
First, make sure you're in 'edit' mode, then see attached. On the instructables edit page there will see 'add step' - a big orange button.
gstephens1 (author)  frollard1 year ago
I was in photo mode... figured it out and published! Thanks, y'all for the answers!

WWC frollard1 year ago
If she used the photos mode instead of the step by step mode i don't there is an option for add a step.
frollard WWC1 year ago
photos and I think video both only get 1 step...