How do I apply a patina to a silver ring?

AndyGadget8 years ago
Try this.  Hard boil an egg, mash it up and put it with the ring for a couple of days.  A bad egg would be even better.  Eggs are high in sulphur and hydrogen sulphide will be produced as the egg breaks down. This will create a patina on the silver.
(Please let me know if this works.)
LOL.  I posted that as a totally speculative method which should work.  I've just had a google and it looks like other people have done it successfully.  Clean the ring first to get any oil or grease off it, then do the mashing in a plastic bag to prevent mess.  Keep the bag sealed when the ring is in there to keep the gas in.
AndyG, you're just full of good answers today.  I didn't even think about the sulfur and hs in an egg.  

Good answer.
Re-design8 years ago
I believe if you store it with stainless steel it will get a patina more quickly.