How do I balance a friendship and a girl?

I have a problem with a friend and a girl. My friend and I both really like the same girl but he has had a previous relationship with her. I'm not sure how she feels about him, though. Anyway I really want to ask her out but so does my friend and since she broke up with him and he still has feelings for her I feel like it might be wrong to ask her out and that it would really hurt our friendship. I also told him that I would back off at least until he asked her out. So my question is should I ask her out at all and if I do should I wait until after he tries like I said I would or should I just tell him I shouldn't have said that and that I plan on asking her out soon? Thanks.

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cvianna16 years ago
Your answered your own question... You already made a promise to your friend...

" I also told him that I would back off at least until he asked her out."

This is not just about being interested in the same girl, this is also a matter of trust. You made a commitment to your friend. Can he trust your word or not? and more importantly... are you really his friend?
lemonie6 years ago

Stick with her as a friend, get friendly and progressively you can become closer.
Don't rush, take it easy, if something is going to happen it will, and at an appropriate time.
You can suggest doing things together as friends, there is no harm in that eh?

mckywer6 years ago
I think your relationship with your friend is probably more important that dating this girl. Don't ruin your friendship.
Vyger6 years ago
I don't believe in dating until your ready to get married. So that all by itself would solve the problem.