How do I bend elect. conduit?

I have a 5" radius 1/2" emt bender and 100' of 1/2" emt. I need to make three bends in each piece, 1- 90 degree in the middle and 1-45 degree bend on each side of the 90. Here's my problem: I need the "legs" (sides - picture a doghouse with a 90 deg peak and straight up and down sides) to be exactly 27" apart INSIDE measurement. Now, where do I make my marks on the pipe and what direction do I bend (facing the 90 or facing away from the 90)? I need these measurements to be precise so I can make all ten pieces of pipe the same. How 'bout you Journeyman Electricians? Anybody. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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godbacon5 years ago
if your bender doesn't doesn't have a starting mark make one. Mark all your pipe before you ben it. if your working on pavement you can mark the shape of your bend with chalk and measure all your repeated bend agents the calk outline( or marks) on the pavement. cutting an angle out of ply-wood on a chop saw can make a nice comparative tool so you know when you've bent far enough. buy a little extra conduit to cover your self if you do make a mistake.
glorybe8 years ago
A lot depends on just how perfect the work must be. If the tubing is to remain totally round you can try filling it with roofing tar and cooling it before you bend it or you might use a bit of soap in water and freeze the pipe before bending. For prissy work I like the table type benders but the idea of a plywood form may actually serve you better since it takes years to become really skilled at using benders. If you use a plywood form start at the nose and work the sides back from that point.
caitlinsdad8 years ago
It may help if you make a full size template on plywood or something. Nail or screw posts to where the pipe bends to help line up the pipe. You can then experiment with the pipe bending to get it to conform to the jig or layout. You can finesse or bend the pipe a little bit more without the pipe bender to get it just right. Good luck.
NachoMahma8 years ago
. I always kept Ugly's Electrical References handy when bending conduit. You should also be able to find free instructions via Google. It's a bit complicated to try explaining within the confines of an Answer (and I'd end up leaving out one or more crucial steps if it did).
. Practice before working on "real" joints of pipe. It's not that difficult, but most ppl will take 2-3 tries to get the hang of it.