How do I break up with a guy without hurting his feelings too bad?

I've been going out with a guy for about a day now. We were best friends and then he started to like me. I think that it's so weird to go from best friends to girlfriend and boyfriend! I want him to understand do I wrote him a note. It mostly said that i would feel more comfortable being friends.

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Just say you want to stay friends.
acidbass7 years ago
 just do it 
gaurav81848 years ago
We become Best Friends when we understand each other. Being Best Friends and moving forward to Being Lovers, there is very thin differentiation, as we already love each other. Instead of breaking-up, take your time, just think what it take you to move from best friend to lover and now why you want to return to old relationship / break-up. If you still want to be Best Friend, then simply sit with him, talk your heart to him and he will understand. That's what Best Friends are for!!! --- Dreams Are Only Dreams...But Sometimes Reality Gaurav Panchal
orksecurity8 years ago
As others have said, there's nothing wrong with going from best friends to something closer -- or back; I've been lucky enough to stay close friends with everyone I've ever been involved with, precisely because we *were* friends first and could comfortably fall back to that.

But also as others have said: If you don't think of him that way and/or aren't ready to think of him that way, and would really like to just have him as a friend, that's fine too.

"Going out with a guy for about a day now" barely counts as "going out".
PitStoP8 years ago
There's nothing weird from being best friends to being boyfriend & girlfriend. Actually it's better to be with someone who's your best friend than a stranger or someone you hardly know. Many successful marriages start out by being best friends. But if it's because you don't like him then it's better telling him now so he won't feel really hurt. Explain to him why you feel this way. Hope it turns out good for the both of you. =)
dont waste time the sooner the better get it over with so both you and him can move on to other people of interest if both people are not happy then then relationship is doomed for failure and it only waste time to think otherwise
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
i don't know....

i went out with a girl, she was my friend, she kind of dumped me to stay friends, i sill really like her.... we are still sort of friends

just a guy's perspective
frollard8 years ago
HONESTY. The note is good, but I'd say directly to him - (in your words) 'we gotta be friends, not willing to wreck good friendship'
Tell him in person an have courage about it. The short answer is you can't avoid hurting his feelings, but you can aproach him in a mature way with open lines of communication so that you don't cause further dammage during the process. If you've been going out for a day, you've only had one real "date" or one day of making out or whatever. Just tell him out front that you aren't feeling it should be continued.
lemonie8 years ago
Say exactly that to him, no point trying to do anything else. You can't manage his feelings, he has to deal with how things are, and that's for him to take care of.