How do I build a Solid State guitar amplifier with 15-30 or more watts?

I've heard about the popular gainclone amps and seen a few, but none of them were for guitar it seemed. I'm looking for anything- guides, schematics, etc.- to help me build a solid state guitar amplifier. I would like for it to have at least 15 watts. Anything goes. Thanks in advance!

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A couple of links for you, hope you can find something you can use. is a Solid State guitar amp, with a few bells and whistles, rated 10 W @ 8 ohms, 18 W @ 4ohms. has guitar related amps, etc., under the musical section, but the home page has some amps that would fill the bill with the use of a preamp (Fender Blackface is shown under the music section). has some tube amps should you wish to go in that direction eventually.

This website has some good schematics, I doubt you would want to make the 1.5kW amplifier though :-)
snowpenguin (author)  thermoelectric8 years ago
Yeah, but none are for guitar in my range... Thanks anyway
What do you mean, They're not suitable for your guitar or they're a too high or low rating?
snowpenguin (author)  thermoelectric8 years ago
No, there's like either ten or a hundred watts made for guitar- nothing in between.
Oh well, nevermind
gmoon8 years ago
The Free Information Society has a ton of schematics--most of the generic SS audio amps are right at the top.

An easier route would be to use dedicated audio amp ICs like these. There are several 10 and 20 watt devices. Some will be two channel. They are common ICs, so a datasheet should be easy to find online.

To make it more interesting, you could use the Fetzer Valve circuit as a preamp. It's an attempt to model the characteristics of a tube valve using an FET transistor.
snowpenguin (author)  gmoon8 years ago
Can you point me to a few specific amps on there? I don't see any smaller ones for guitar specifically...