How do I build a circuit that can make Led's flash in sequence?

My end goal is to build a programmable led display, but for now I just want to make a row of leds that light up, then shut off in sequence. I want it to look like the light is scrolling across the leds.

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KikiTay5 years ago
Use this!
iceng6 years ago
Should you shun uPs.
There are many other variations.

Bot1398 iceng5 years ago
KikiTay5 years ago

 i've tried making my own and gave up, I spent a lot of money buying those kits on ebay but they are either too complicated or can only power a few LEDs at less than normal brightness. I found this circuit that solved my problems! I bought a few and used them to make LED costumes and many of my RC hobby and robotic projects. Pretty straight forward and easy to install though.

  I found a similar one on but there's no links to buy it. hope it helps!

here's the link!

FoolishSage6 years ago
There are several Cylon and Knight Rider kits out there with varying amounts of leds which would have the effect you are looking for. It doesn't seem to be an extremely simple circuit but if you google either of the above you might find some schematics
rickharris6 years ago
truly programmable then your going to have to look at microprocessors.

Yet again I suggest their PDF manuals will tell you all you need to know.
noahh6 years ago
The Maker Shed sells a Larson scanner kit, which blinks in sequence back and forth, as you seem to be describing. Since you say that you've only done a bit of soldering, this would be a good way to practice soldering.
Get yourself an Arduino board.
kaddyshack (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
Lol. I'm trying to avoid arduino boards for the time being seeing as I've only done two other projects involving soldering so far.