How do I build a digital power supply for my tattoo machine?

I don't know a lot about electronics, but I'm looking to learn how to build a digital power supply for my tattoo machine. Thanks for any help!

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lemonie8 years ago
What do you mean by 'digital'? What sort of supply does the machine normally use? L
michaelkey1 (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Oh I should've been more clear I'm sorry bout' that. A digital readout for the voltage. And I've been using the Cyclone 360 power supply unit but I am hoping to build one with a cleaner power source, such as a power supply for a PC or something of that nature. Thanks again for any help.
OK, I'm not too good with home-built digital displays, I should think you can buy one, but probably not cheaply. Let's hope someone comes up with a good answer? L
michaelkey1 (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Ok I've just found out that I can use pretty much any power supply for my tattoo machine. I cut and stripped the cord for a "plug in class 2 transformer" power supply for a dvd recorder ( Input: 120V 60Hz 12W. Output: 9VDC 500mA) and hooked it up to a cheap machine I have, and it worked great. Now my question is: What will I need and how can I take a PS such as this and make the Voltage adjustable and tie in my footswitch to run my tattoo machines? I'm wanting my finished product to be used in an old 1/18 scale diecast model car to use as my tattoo machine power supply. I've seen people use them before with a laptop PS,but never told how to do it. Thanks for your help with this.
Old post...but hey....
My power supply will do EXACTLY that! It takes any DC input and controls the output via foot switch and 10-turn pot. Output is 1.25 to approx Power In.
do you think that a class 2 transformer with input of AC 120v 60Hz 35W and output of DC 15V 1A would work as well for a tattoo gun?  would like to know thanks!
michaelkey1 (author)  michaelkey18 years ago
Oh I almost forgot, I want to run it up to 9.5V at 2A
ColorBomb6 years ago
this is an old topic but what the heck I'll through my 2 cents in just in case you are still searching. You can get a digital Voltage panel meter off of Ebay for cheap, I usually get 3 for 14 bucks shipped straight from Hong Kong. They are already made modules you just integrate it into your circuit. I have put together a simple variable power supply circuit see link below.