How do I build a remote control box?

Hi guys,

I need to build a prop for a short film I'm making and I was wondering if you could help me out. I need to build a shoebox that can move in four directions easily, be controlled remotely, and make as little noise as possible. 

Any thoughts?


Kiteman3 years ago

The thing with special effects is that they only have to *look* real - in every version of Star Trek, the doors were worked by a human being pulling or pushing from inside the scenery.

For your request, my first suggestion would be to use an empty shoe box andfour pieces of thin fishing line, pulled by helpers out of shot.

This has a number of advantages; almost free, silent, and it will always work, because there are no batteries to go flat, or signal to be interfered with by other equipment.

I am with every one else a remote controlled car circuits.

But a drive for the steering servos and a drive for forwards and back.

Use stepper motors instead of the normal drives because they are quieter.

It is a little more circuitry but it will be silent and move in four direction and more if you use the remote right.


So you want the box to move forward, backwards, strafe left and strafe right?

Not an easy task. Otehwise i'd say put a small RC car in the box and fill it with foam to dampen the sound.

I would try to get some rc servo controls from a rc toy. If you have even a bit of knowledge on the topic, consider removing the parts from an old rc truck.