How do I build a website from scratch?

I am trying to set up a website and not having very good luck with it. Any simple instructions? I am using a template, but every time I try to change text or pictures, I end up back at the same home page  and can't see how to make my different tabs open up to display details for each tab. Clueless....Any help would be great.?

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azazqadir8 months ago

Creating a website from scratch is a long process that cannot be answered properly here. But to start with, you can do create a website using WordPress. Just create your account there, select your website name and url and launch. You will have a basic website.

stillson6 (author) 5 years ago
Thanks for all of the comments and suggestions. I actually paid for a course to work from home online, and apparently my browser would not support publishing the site that they walked me through setting up. So now I am at square one with finishing up the web site, but I am having some problems getting it completed without their step by step instructions. I'll see what I can find using some of the suggested sites. Thanks everyone. BTW I have no desire to build anything else by scratch.....ever :)
lemonie5 years ago
With what, where, how?

blkhawk lemonie5 years ago
I think that the only way to build a website from "scratch" is writing the code. The OP needs to learn HTML.
HTML is SO 90s.
PhP is the one true way.....or was that last week ?
HI Steve,

You are so right, nowadays PHP is the way to go.

One quick way to create your website online without learning all the technical side of things is thru' the various free scripts like wordpress, opencart, zen cart, joomla etc available.

I strongly recommend anyone starting on creating your website begins with these free scripts and a reliable hosting company that understand budget.

This way you will learn soon learn the technical side of your website. A true hands on experience.

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I'm stuck in the 90's!
HI Lemonie,

Visit and signup for a no risk 30 day money back guarantee package at $58 per year.

This will get anyone started from scratch to having your website online in minutes in 3 simple steps.

Good luck to all.

blkhawk5 years ago
There is an instructable that explains how to build your own website. I hope it helps!
Kiteman5 years ago
1. Learn to build a computer.
2. Build millions.
3. Connect them into a global network.
4. $$$$
No need to do all that just to make a web site!
...from scratch.

>Humour fails<
You forgot the bit about melting the sand down first.
That reminds me, there's a book I need to get about making a toaster from scratch...
Now I've got a great book on making a Crystal set, pretty well from sand wood and a small forge.....

"Voice of the Crystal" - I highly recommend it.
:-( Oh!
rickharris5 years ago
How exactly are you going about it.

I found Google sites was very user friendly.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&fp=34126de68e3940ac&biw=1920&bih=965
+1, it's been a few years since I've used it but Google Sites was pretty straight forward.