How do I build my own wooden window frames?

I want to build my own window frames and purchase window box sets to fit in the frames.

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kevinhannan6 years ago
I did this by being cheeky - I bought a window frame from a large national store - made my template from it and returned the original to the store for a refund... ;-)
It will not help you just yet, but I am in the process of making an Instructable about making a window / door out of oak. 
orksecurity8 years ago
I'm not sure what you mean by "window frame" versus "window box set"... the way I usually use the first term doesn't make sense when combined with the second. Are you asking about framing out a window (ie, how to make the opening in the wall), or building the wood that frames a piece of glass, or installing the trim around the opening, or....?
Rorybell (author)  orksecurity8 years ago
 I should have used the term rough framing I guess.  Anyway it is framing a wall with an opening for a window that I was asking about but I went to the library and got some videos on the subject.  All is well.
seandogue8 years ago
You can use butt joints if the frame is being made from sufficiently wide stock using pocket drilling or biscuits, lap joints for a quick/dirty frame out of thin stock (!" or less), or do it the way it ought to be done for anything that will be around for a long time using mortise and tenon joints. I'd suggest that you hit a library and find an older book on joinery. I am a bit confused as orksecurity suggests...You *are talking about the windows themselves right? Not the frame into which the window frames are set?