How do I calculate total lateral forces in the tyres of a 3 wheeler?

Are the lateral forces and lateral slip angles same for rear wheels and front wheel in a front (one wheel) steered rear drive vehicle?

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Toga_Dan10 months ago

sometimes it's a matter of calculating. But sometimes it's a matter of experimentation and "feel". Borrow an adult trike, and you'll see how easy it is to roll it onto the outer wheel of a turn. Consider the feel of a front wheel skid of a car on snow. And consider the handling of a kids "bigwheel

Toga_Dan10 months ago

lateral forces are greater for the front wheels. This is why trikes with 2 in front are more stable.

rickharris10 months ago

I would think so. However I would also think you cant easily calculate this without knowing a lot of parameters which you can only gain by experimentation

may help you.

SachinK114 (author)  rickharris10 months ago

Thank you