How do I clean my deeply and badly scratched gamecube disc?

I went to a garage sale yesterday and bought mario party 7.Little did I know it was scratched badly. So I went home and tried it and as soon as I turned my gamecube on... right after the logo it said cannot read disc so i tried it a few more times and it said an error has occured.I have been searching ways to clean it but none of them have really helped......Any suggestions???

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janthony143 years ago

I Know I Have 3 GameCube Games WWE Day Of Reckoning 2 The Legend Of Zelda Collectors Edition And Harvest Moon Magical Melody I'm Taking To A Near By Video Store Because I've Tried Hot Water Peanut Butter Toothpaste Flushing It In The Toilet Nothing Worked So I Would Take It To A Near By Video Store They Clean Discs So Good Luck

what kinda video store can gamestop do it???????

what kinda video store can gamestop do it???????

I Have another LAST RESORT ONLY method erasers on pencils can get out the light scratches but the only problem is that the residue from the eraser is a pain to get off for that i used goo gone

jojed125 years ago
i have a resident evil 4 game on the gamqube and its to scratched
i heard that alcholl works then clean it with somehting soft
Game Expert6 years ago
Both scratches and dust can affect the playability of a game disc. Cleaning it can usually do the trick. Several techniques will clean the disc and make it useful again, saving time and money that would have been spent on a new game.
1. Before you apply disc cleaner, wipe with a microfiber cloth or other soft fabric. Wipe from the center of the disc outward. Don't wipe your Wii game disc in a circular motion, as this can damage it further. Test it to see if it works.
2. Rinse the disc with water if the first step didn't work. This will get rid of any oils that have gotten on the disc. If you see gunk that won't easily rinse off, use your fingers and a light dish soap to wipe it off underneath the stream of water. Remember to wipe from inside out, the light soap will serve as disc cleaner.
3. Dry the disc. First, shake off any excess water. Then set it out to air dry. Don't use a cloth for this step as that could add little fibers that may cause trouble. Once the disc is completely dry, try it in your Nintendo Wii to see if the disc repair worked.
4. Use rubbing alcohol with a cotton swab and gently coat the disc. Allow to dry. The disc will dry much quicker when wet with alcohol than it did with water. Still, you should wait until it's completely dry before you try the game disc in your Wii. By now, your disc should be working. Most disc read errors on Wiis are due to dust and dirt, rather than an actual scratch.
5. Spread toothpaste on the disc. This disc repair method should be used as a last resort. Using plain, white toothpaste, rub a quarter-sized amount in a circular motion with your fingers on the disc. Cover the reflective side of the disc completely. There should be a thin layer over the game disc when you're done.
6. Let the toothpaste sit on the disc until it is dry. This shouldn't take more than 10 minutes, although it depends on how much toothpaste you used.
7. Run the disc under warm water, rubbing the toothpaste off with your thumb. Make sure you get it all off and the disc is thoroughly rinsed. Allow to air dry. Then try the game.
The only toothpaste we have in our house is a blue gel with no bits of anything in it. Is it safe to use this?
tpurvis6 years ago
i use tooth past,it helps but it can harm, don't ever use nail polish it will burn the disc and melt it.
estringer6 years ago
i used the stuff that u clean glass top stoves with. i works on smaller scratches
jeff-o8 years ago
Which side of the disc is scratched? If it's on the label side, then you're screwed. The super-thin data layer is on that side, and once it's scratched it's fit for the garbage bin. If it's on the "read" side, the cheapest sure-fire method is to bring it to a used CD store. They will usually have decent CD-restoration equipment, and will clean the disc for cheap or even free.
Aqu8 years ago
For minimum expense, rub it with toothpaste... for a really long time. Then rinse with water.

Toothpaste is MADE to be ever so slightly abrasive, so it should eliminate all but the very deepest scratches. Don't focus on the scratches that run from the middle to the sides, these hardly ever cause problems.

Even though it might not look like the scratches have healed, they might have thinned enough for the GC to be able to read the disk. Try it!
Stew28 years ago
I have had pretty good luck with Brasso brass polish. Not the silver polish, but the brass stuff. I put a dab of it on a soft cotton cloth then rub in a circular motion, takes a fair bit of polishing, but you can usually get all but the deepest ones out. Dry/buff the disc occasionally to check your progress with a clean soft cloth. When you get most of the scratches polished out, I wash the disc with dishsoap and water and dry it with a soft cloth. I have had more success with this method than I have with any of the crank or electric type resurfacers. I have only had one disc out of many that I couldn't resurrect. Though, if the scratches are super deep or damage the foil layer, the disc is probably beyond saving.
Bigev8 years ago
You could try to fill the deepest scratches with nail polish, I've heard it works.
seandogue8 years ago
erm...maybe you don't. there are CD polisher out there (walmart, Target, radio shack, Micro Center, etc.), but they're really for periodic maintenance, rather than restoration. You might repost this to the craft and tech sections to see if anyone is aware of polishing compounds suitable for removing deep scratches in plastics...