How do I connect an I-Pod to a mixing Board? I am trying to play music at the hockey arena before games.


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Ro]x[as8 years ago
 The ideas posted are good, but if you're interested in a bit better sound, ipods with dock connectors are capable of outputting line-level audio, bypassing the headphone amp.  All you need is a connector like this. There's a lot of different brands of these (probably cheaper too, I just googled for the first one I could find).  Your local shop that carries iPod accessories probably has one.
Given the sound quality of most public address systems, I submit that any degradation due to the headphone amp would be the least of the system's problems.
seandogue8 years ago
Just buy a male/male 1/8" cable and attach using an appropriate stereo splitter (1/8->rca 1/8->1/4) to the mixer. Radio shack or similar...about 10-15 dollar investment. There's no need to build your own, and in fact, it's often a detriment to do it this way, unless you have a reasonably high level of fabrication skill, due to the probability of accidentally melting thru the cable insulation while soldering, or cutting thru the 26-28ga wires used in 1/8" cables while removing insulation prior to soldering.

My 2c
Burf8 years ago
You can buy or make an ipod to rca jack connector. I made one with the mini-plug off a broken set of ear buds and an old rca cable.
Takes about 15 minutes
Burf Burf8 years ago
Forgot to mention, if you make one, a mini-plug layout:
tip = left channel
center ring = right channel
top ring (nearest plug) = ground or shield
The "top ring" is normally referred to as the sleeve (hence one common name of tip/ring/sleeve, or TRS, for these connectors)

Old sound tech's mnemonic: Ring, Right, Return. That last refers to the conventional wiring when these are used as "insert" connectors on mixing boards, where tip is send and ring is return. (The insert/splitter cables I used also had different colors for left/send and right/return, so the full mnemonic for our kit was "Red, Ring, Right, Return.")
orksecurity8 years ago
Headphone out to line in.
And I forgot to mention: Note that you will probably owe performance royalties if you use recordings for this purpose. I strongly suggest you check that out before you start.